SearchLeeds 2018

Three Actionable Takeaways Over 1500 digital marketers, PPC advertisers and content creators flocked to SearchLeeds this year, what is now…

An Election Adwords Battle

We’ve only a little over two weeks until the General Election, and campaigning is hotting up within the UK. While…

Haiku and Microcopy

Learning the art of haiku writing forces you to consider not just the definition of a word, but its meaning…

Penguin 4.0 – The Final Update

Google’s algorithm updates regularly send us internet marketers into a tizzy. Mostly, that comes as a result of not knowing…

Mayflies On Snowdon

This November, the renegade team of Mayflies took the challenge of walking to the summit of Snowdon, the highest point in Wales – this is how we fared.

Ask A Stupid (Internet Marketing) Question Day

Okay – so there’s no such thing as a stupid question. It’s important not to feel embarrassed to ask a question and further your own knowledge, on any subject. But as an internet marketer, you will sometimes come across a silly question or two: here’s why you’re unlikely to get a cut-and-dry answer – and what might be better to ask instead.

BrightonSEO: The Best Bits

John gives his breakdown of BrightonSEO – the highlights, the best of the free stuff, and of course what we learned.

Measuring the Success of Blog Promotion

Promoting an article is almost always a daunting task. But it’s made much easier when the subject of that post is something people find genuinely exciting – like artistic companies making milestones. That’s why the 10 Year anniversary for our clients Glacial Art was such a fantastic opportunity to flex those promotional muscles.