Mayfly Insights 22/10/2018

Shifting search ad budgets, Pinterest updates Ad Manager and YouTube improves attribution modelling for TrueViewAds.

From Google to Amazon

According to a recent study, marketers have found a shift from Google search budgets to Amazon, especially within consumer goods companies selling on the platform. Although Amazon’s advertising sales of $2 billion over the past year look small compared to Googles $23 billion ad revenues in the last quarter, the platform is registering a continuous growth with one significant advantage. The direct correlation between advertising on Amazon and it being the platform where the sale takes place, gives it the chance to connect advertisers directly to the purchase intent of the consumer. This also correlates with the increase of sellers on Amazon, making it crucial for businesses to be the one who is seen first, and urging businesses to invest in Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Sponsored Brands.

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Pinterest updates Ad Manager

Pinterest has used advertisers feedback to improve their now launched advertising tools, to enable businesses to “optimise their campaigns end to end and make a splash on Pinterest”. The key features of the updated Ad Manager include for example the possibility for advertisers to pause a campaign and review the Pins before going live. It further streamlines the ad creation process and gives the chance to select multiple pins to promote at once and creates the potential of A/B testing. With regards to Audience improvements, the Audience Insights tools give marketers a better choice in who to target and also where to place the sponsored Pins. Additionally, through improved tracking and analytics, the updated Ad Manager is supposed to help track conversions and compare the performance of the different campaigns.¬†

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YouTube changes the attribution modelling of TrueView ads

YouTube is challenged by finding the right attribution model for video advertising within the modern customer journey. In general, online video is playing an increasing role in the decision making process of consumers. From the idea to the final decision, a video might have given a consumer the idea of a product, however it might not have directly lead to a conversion straight away. The changes in consumer behaviour with regards to video ad exposure have led Google to the decision to amend YouTube’s attribution modelling. This means an engagement is now counted, when a user clicks or watches more than 10 second of the ad for TrueView ads using maximise conversions or target CPA bidding. A conversion will also be counted when a user takes action on the the ad within 3 days of engagement, however, for users who click the ad, conversions will still be attributed to the conversion window set by the advertiser (with 30 days as the default).¬†According to Google, the shorter engagement-to-conversion window creates faster ramp up times for target CPA campaigns as well as it will improve current reporting.

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