Mayfly Insights 10/09/2019

Facebook is testing the in-Feed panel for Stories, Instagram’s new messaging app Threads, Google App campaigns expand to Discover feeds, Updates for Facebook Messenger, a new tool to test Playable Ads and Facebook Dating has been launched.

Facebook’s in-Feed panel for Stories

As Facebook Stories have not yet experienced the same popularity as Instagram Stories, there have been changes made by the social network in order to create increased engagement with the feature. One of the new approaches is to place the Stories in a new in-Feed panel as well as to separate Stories from people and pages in specific sections. The latter might be an interesting new opportunity for businesses to engage more in Story creation and use the increased exposure. Facebook has also added a new slideshow option, as well as a stop-motion video creation tool and the add question sticker (which has been available on Instagram for a while). 

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Instagram is about to launch Threads

In the rivalry between Instagram and Snapchat, Instagram has now launched a new messaging app which allows users to share attributes such as their status, location, speed and even battery life. The user surface is supposedly very similar to Instagram’s current messaging feature and the app is currently undergoing a process of internal testing. The aim is to capture a user’s attention by creating new ways of sharing. 

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Google App campaigns expand to Discover feeds

With a focus on enhancing advertising opportunities for mobile games and apps, Google has recently announced new inventory and features for app publishers and advertisers. App campaigns are now eligible to show in Discover, the feed that appears on the Google home page on mobile and Chrome. Currently available in selected countries only, it is planned to make the inventory available globally by the end of the year. The ads will also be available as skippable video in the in-stream ads inventory display. Furthermore, app campaigns will be gaining access to YouTube search results on mobile devices.

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Updates for Facebook Messenger

Facebook has announced new solutions for developers and businesses on Messenger in order to improve the conversations between people and businesses. They are rolling out a lead generation messenger template, first announced during the F8. With this template businesses can create automated responses and help qualify leads within Messenger. Another feature which will be rolled out soon is the possibility to integrate existing calendar booking software with Messenger to convert conversations directly into in-store traffic, appointments and more. Improvements will also be made to the event reporting feature, making it easier to track conversions. Updated policies are also due to take place in early 2020, in order to improve the quality of conversations between people and businesses. This includes a revised standard messaging window to 24 hours for all API integrations, streamlined message tags and sponsored messages.

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Facebook’s new tool to test Playable Ads

A new Playable Ads Preview tool for mobile app developers has been released by Facebook, allowing developers to test and validate Playable Ads before they create a mobile app ad campaign round it. Devs can check if the Playable Ad files meet Facebook’s specifications, and also if the call-to-action is implemented correctly. With Playable Ads being crucial to win more app installs and engagements with users, this new tool is being touted as a big time saver, especially as developers who work separately from the marketing team will now be able to test the ad before handing over the final product.

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Facebook Dating has been launched in the US

Facebook Dating has been launched in the US earlier this month. Separated from their Facebook profile, users can now create dating profiles, which will match them with individuals based on their preferences, interests and other things they do on Facebook. The idea is to create an authentic dating platform that shows how someone really is, based on the pictures and information the user uploads to Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, according to Facebook, a feature to integrate Facebook and Instagram Stories to the Dating profiles will be released soon. It is important to note that the dating service won’t match a user with their existing friends, unless a so-called Secret Crush is being selected, which allows users to identify each other as secret crush and send a message. The new dating app even extends into seeing people who are interested in similar events or groups and matching with someone that way. Currently available in America and Asia, the dating app is expected to be available in Europe by early 2020.  From an advertising perspective the new Dating feature might not be of much interest yet, as there is no advertising option available, however, it is recommended to keep an eye out if any changes will become available in the Facebook Business Manager, allowing active placement of adverts in the Facebook Dating section.

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