Mayfly Insights 29/10/2018

Google’s approach to GDPR, Facebook simplifies its Messenger, the power of social media in Black Friday advertising and the new design of Google’s local pack results.

Google and GDPR

Last Wednesday Google updated its privacy controls, now allowing users to delete their search activity and control the adverts displayed without having to sign into their Google Account page first. Through an additional menu section on the Google Search home page, users can directly see and amend their search activity data. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the EU GDPR legislation, Google is taking this step to adapt the way of storing user data to the new regulations, as well as to create more transparency for the users as to how their data is processed for ad targeting purposes. It is predicted that this will impact search advertising and marketers in two ways. Firstly, as users can delete search data, it will be more difficult to target ads to the specific customers. Secondly, users can now decide which ads they would like to see and block irrelevant content. Undoubtedly, this sounds like a considerably negative impact for marketers, however, one could argue that this could help advertisers to focus their adverts on more receptive individuals, rather than serving ads to an unresponsive audience. 

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Facebook introduces Messenger 4

Facebook has amended the style of Messenger to create a simpler look for the messaging app. According to their recent Messenger study, users are looking for closeness, authenticity and a simple design in their messaging apps, which has led to Facebook announcing the global roll out of the improved version over the coming weeks. With only three tabs, the app will be easier to navigate and also gives users the chance to communicate with businesses directly, through the Discover tab. According to Facebook, users will be able to easily “connect with businesses to get the latest deals, play Instant Games, book your next vacation, follow the news and more”. With this new user-needs adapted design the potential of Facebook messenger adverts could increase for businesses, creating another useful point of interaction with potential customers. 

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49% of UK Consumers are now converting through Social Media

A recent study conducted by Global Web Index shows that consumers are very likely to convert after seeing an advert on social media. This statistic is even more important in the advertising ramp up before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with 66% of UK respondents converting through social shopping in this time. Although a quarter of UK shoppers expect to have spent over £250 by the close of Cyber Monday, for advertisers it is recommended to see the winter period as a marathon, rather than a sprint. Spending your advertising budget with a long-term strategy in mind will most likely result in better outcomes, compared to short-term investments in social media marketing. Nevertheless, with rising social media commerce, the constant availability of information and suggestions through friends and influencers; the potential of success with social media advertising in the short and long term is almost guaranteed.

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Google might change the design of local pack results

There seems to be a new heavier graphical layout to the local pack, which has been noticed by a few Google users and marketers recently. The new look includes larger and wider images, through which users can scroll and slide, compared to previous smaller images. Although not confirmed by Google yet, the new look is supposed to make the adverts more visually appealing to potential customers, so it will be crucial for business owners and marketers to adapt their imagery to these new sizes.Read more