Mayfly Insights 4/12/2018

Google starts showing zero results, Instagram’s redesign, YouTube launches Stories feature and LinkedIn steps up the privacy game.

Google starts showing zero results

After having tested the zero results feature earlier this year, Google has now decided to permanently implement the change. Essentially, the new feature means that Google will show limited results for search queries where it is confident to be able to answer those on its own. Currently this means, it is limited to answers of questions regarding time, calculations or conversion searches. The justification for this step is based on Google’s goal to help people find the most relevant information in the quickest way. Nevertheless, a button below the search query still enables users to see all search results. Formerly, the issue with the update has been limiting search appearances of brands, even though the direct brand name was searched, but Google is now confident to have managed to resolve the main issues.

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Instagram has announced a redesign of the user surface

Instagram has announced to test a redesign of user profiles, which is going to be rolled out during the following weeks. The main amendments include a different layout, where the profile picture switches from the left to the right hand corner. Emphasis is also placed on less prominent follower counts, making the actual number significantly smaller and placing it further down on the page. The exchange between users will also be facilitated through a new arrangement of “Message” and “Follow” buttons and unnecessary icons, for example the number of posts, will be deleted completely. Generally speaking, the new update is designed to create a better overview of the user profiles. It also offers business profiles a clear touch point with the consumers by placing the icons in a more prominent position. Instagram has announced to test the various features and keep up to date with user feedback regarding the final implementation of any changes. 
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YouTube launches Stories for creators with more than 10k subscribers

After Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, YouTube has now launched its own Stories feature. The feature essentially contains similar elements to the existing Stories functions on other social networks, including text, music, filters and a comment function. In its announcement YouTube says to have taken this step to make it easier for users to strengthen their relationship with the audience, which can now be done in short clips and conversations through the Stories.

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LinkedIn has introduced a new privacy setting

With a new privacy setting LinkedIn gives its members ultimate control over their email addresses. While previously email addresses could be exported by advertisers to use for adverts on and off the platform (for example, by inserting them into Facebook advertising campaigns), the default choice for every member for sharing their email address with connections is now set to “No”. Based on their preference, members are able to change these settings by accessing their privacy options and allowing the export of their email. It remains questionable as to how many users will take this step and although the new feature protects user data, it comes with a trade-off for marketers, who are now losing a valuable data source for remarketing campaigns and other advertising. Read more