Mayfly Insights 12/11/2018

Facebook improves analytics for Instagram business accounts, Instagram adds IGTV previews to Stories and how combining pages could improve your Google Ranking

Instagram adds IGTV previews to Stories

With the aim of increasing the contribution to IGTV, launched in June 2018, Instagram has now recently introduced a new feature to enable users to share previews of their IGTV content in their Stories. With this, Instagram is building increasingly more incentives for content creators to use the IGTV feature. So far, video publishers have been relatively hesitant to use this aspect of the platform, as there is no life cycle data available yet for them to see which content might work best – a risk not many are wiling to take. However, it should be noted that sometimes the ones who take the risk of adopting new channels first, might be rewarded with bigger audiences and attention than those who adopt later.

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Facebook improves Instagram Analytics

Currently marketers can view the behaviour of Instagram users through the Instagram Insights, which show how users engage with brand content through likes, website clicks and more. Now, Facebook has announced an expansion of this service, introducing Instagram account analytics into the Facebook analytics suite. This integration is supposed to give marketers a deeper understanding of engagement metrics, such as retention rates and the lifetime value of users who interact with the Instagram content. It further enables them to create segments and see overlaps from users who have also visited the website, or engaged with the Facebook page. This new version is due to be rolled out over the coming months.

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Improve your Google Ranking through combined pages

‘Can you get value in merging two weaker pages, to make them rank higher?’ This was a question that John Mueller from Google was confronted with during a Webmaster Hangout. The main answer is: yes, it is possible, if done correctly. The right approach includes, amongst other aspects, making sure that the sites have one primary topic, which is transferred to the newly combined site and thereby creates content depth for the topic. His comment on combining articles of different authors on the same topic gives a good insight into how Google views relevance:

“I think that’s something that I generally try to recommend to people, and if you can have fewer URLs and usually that makes it easier, like, from a management point of view. But it also helps from an SEO point of view. Where we can really say, well this is… stronger content. This is something that’s referred to from a lot more places than these individual other pieces that you had before.”

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