Mayfly Insights 30/07/2019

Google Shoelace, Instagram’s chat sticker, Facebook brings back reach estimates for Custom Audiences, the newest LinkedIn updates and the new Twitter design.

Google Shoelace

A few months after shutting down Google+, Google has now introduced a currently invitation-only social networking app. Available in New York, the app is supposed to connect people with shared interests in in-person activities through so called “Loops”. Users can create profiles and share basic information about themselves and use loops to connect with others with shared interests. The app will then recommend “daily hand-picked activities” for the users to join.

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Instagram’s chat sticker in Stories

Last month Instagram introduced yet another option for users to engage in direct conversations with their friends and followers. The new chat sticker in Stories allows users to request to join a chat conversation by tapping the sticker, the original poster will then be able to approve the request and let the requester join the conversation. The new feature is arguably more designed for people who interact with their real friends on Instagram, rather than large follower bases but could also be used by brands to discuss niche products with their followers or curate user-generated content with specific influencers.

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Facebook brings back reach estimates for Custom Audiences

After discovering a vulnerability for misuse in the tool last year, Facebook has now announced to reinstall the improved version of reach estimates for Customer Audiences. Reach estimates based on Custom Audiences (such as website visitors or customer data) are a useful tool for marketers to determine approximate campaign sizes and manage budgets and activity accordingly. With these insights, the chances of over or under saturating a marketing are smaller and the planning and budgeting of campaigns is easier facilitated.

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LinkedIn updates Company Pages and explains news feed ranking algorithm

LinkedIn has recently rolled out new features for page admins, including call-to-action buttons on LinkedIn Pages and being able to edit a page from a mobile device. The new Community Hashtag feature also gives page admins the option to attach their page to relevant hashtags. Unfortunately, like the CTA buttons, they will only be available on desktop, but are designed to help LinkedIn page owners to participate in conversations evolving around specific hashtags easily.

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Twitter rolls out a new design and new follower notifications

After an initial trial period since the beginning of this year, Twitter has now officially rolled out the new desktop design. The redesign has a rearranged navigation experience and more customisation options available, however, unlike previous designs the new one will be mandatory and can’t be reverted to legacy Twitter. In addition, new features from the mobile app have now been integrated into the desktop experience, including the explore tab, the sparkle button and a multi-account feature. The sparkle button on the Home page allows users to switch between seeing the latest, chronologically-ordered tweets instead of Top tweets. The multi account feature, similar to the app, allows users to have multiple accounts connected without having to log out and back in again. However, unlike the app, the feature is limited to five accounts on the desktop version. At the same time Twitter has now rolled out a new notification view for follower notifications. Instead of only showing the user name, the notification now also shows the profile and a follow back button, making it easier to manage followers.

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