Mayfly Insights 05/11/2018

Instagram creates promoted Stories, Facebook engages in more ad transparency, AdSense requires user verification for new sites and LinkedIn Sponsored Content is now trackable in Google Campaign Manager.


Instagram extends promoted Stories adverts to smaller businesses

Apparently, Instagram is testing a boosted Stories option, working similarly to the Facebook boosted posts, where advertisers can boost an organic post to a wider audience for as little as £5. The idea behind this new development is to open the Stories adverts for smaller companies who do not have significant ad budgets or management resources to promote the organic content. The admins of the account can also use targeting features for the promoted stories; for example targeting users similar to their followers, people in a certain location and other parameters. With this, businesses who own an Instagram business account can take the next step in Instagram advertising, although the new feature has not been officially confirmed yet.

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Facebook aims to increase transparency in advertising practices

Facebook has updated its policies attached to the Facebook Pixel and event sets. Agencies now have to confirm their relationship with a client before making use of the ad-targeting tool through the so-called Facebook Pixel, which allows for example re-targeting campaigns of website visitors. The Pixel is often used to optimise campaign results and seen as a valuable tool for advertisers and their clients. Defining the relationship to the client usually only takes a few clicks, but is, according to Facebook, an extension of the process of making ads and advertising more transparent on the platform. 

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Google AdSense requires verification for the submission of new sites

Starting this week, Google will now require AdSense users to undergo a process of verification for monetising new sites. Previously users could simply add their AdSense code to a site without having to set it up as a separate site in their AdSense account. This process involves the verification of the ownership rights of the domain and the ability of the AdSense user to modify the content and its compliance with the AdSense policy. Although there is no direct action required for many users, Google advises to check that the correct email address is linked to the AdSense account, so that in case verification is needed, Google is able to contact the user via email.

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content can now be tracked in Google’s Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has announced the measurement integration with Google Campaign Manager, allowing LinkedIn advertisers to see the performance of the adverts alongside the paid spend as well as a better attribution across all impressions and interactions. LinkedIn states that “when you activate the integration, you’ll be able to see your LinkedIn ad performance in Campaign Manager, and use their conversion attribution capabilities for Sponsored Content campaigns, including Video, Carousel and Lead-Gen Forms, as well as Text and “Spotlight” Dynamic Ads”. The new feature can be enabled after saving the Sponsored Content as a draft, clicking on the “Manage tracking” icon and adding the Google tracking tags.

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