Mayfly Insights 16/04/2019

Instagram’s in-app checkout, Facebook changes its ad metrics, Twitter reduces daily following limit and Snapchat announces new features.

Instagram introduces in-app checkout

Taking the next step in becoming a full-fledged commerce business, Instagram has recently introduced it’s in-app checkout feature. Currently only available for selected accounts, users can now have the shopping experience within Instagram only, without being redirected to the business’ website for the purchasing process. The payment data is in turn being saved on Instagram. In return for allowing retailers to catch the interested person right where they are browsing content and providing a direct in-app purchasing option, Instagram is charging retailers a selling fee. It remains to be seen if and how Facebook will use the payment data and potentially expand for other apps and services offered by the company.

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Facebook’s changed ad metrics

Switching to a more granular, relevant ad metrics, Facebook has announced that it will remove the Ad Relevance Score. The new metrics will allow for more detailed insight including a quality ranking to measure how the ad’s quality is perceived compared with ads competing for the same audience, engagement ranking to see how the ad’s expected engagement rate compares with competing adverts, as well as a conversion rate ranking (which compares the ad’s expected conversion rate with ads that had the same optimisation goal and competed for the same audience).

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Twitter reduces daily following limit

Twitter has announced that it has reduced the technical daily account following limit to 400 in order to prevent aggressive following and spam. However, the company states that there are other measures in place to observe and stop aggressive following too. This move is in line with the company’s efforts to rid its platform of misuse, after introducing a range of new API restrictions last July.

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Snapchat’s new features

Last Thursday Snap Inc. announced a variety of new features designed to help Snapchat keep pace in the social media environment. Firstly, dynamic scanning and enhanced AR are developed to help Snapchat bring the experience to life, including movement tracking, landmark manipulation and object scanning. The app has also opened its door to new third-party integrations, allowing apps like Netflix and VSCO to create custom partner stories directly from Snapchat. These apps are also in line with plans to launch the company’s audience network in the upcoming months. The Snap Audience Network will allow third-party developers to monetise their apps with the company’s popular full-screen mobile ad format, Snap Ads. To start with, the Snap Audience Network will only be available in the United States.

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