Mayfly Insights 03/05/2019

Instagram introduces Quiz Sticker and is testing a feature to make post likes invisible for followers, Facebook ad budgets are shifting to Stories, Snapchat is recovering and Twitter ads are increasingly popular.

Instagram introduces Quiz Sticker

Last week Instagram has introduced another feature to create interactive Instagram Stories, the Quiz Sticker. With this sticker, it is possible for users to create short multiple-choice quizzes and have their followers guess the right answer. Why should marketers care? Social media platforms, such as Instagram are based on algorithms, which determine the rank on which the Story will appear. Having your followers not only view but interact with the content you upload will be beneficial for the business’ Instagram appearance and might also help educate followers with regards to business related questions or find out who the biggest fans are.

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Instagram and the invisible Likes feature

Would Instagram be the same without showing how many likes a post has? According to Jane Manchun Wong, the code in the Android App has shown that Instagram is testing an update where the like count would be hidden from followers, but still be visible to the person who posted the image. The reason for this is that Instagram wants the followers to focus on what to share and not how many likes a post receives. As with these types of discoveries, it remains open whether Instagram will actually implement those changes, given that it would change the world of influencer marketing and measuring popularity on Instagram drastically.

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Facebook’s shifting ad budgets

Seen as “an increasingly important growth opportunity”, Facebook’s Stories Ads seem to be paying off for the business. According to COO Sheryl Sandberg, 3 million advertisers are now running Stories Ads across Instagram and Facebook with more than 500 million daily active users engaging with Stories. Although advertisers need to be aware of potential changes in targeting options compliant with new data privacy laws, Zuckerberg has announced that those changes are unlikely to hurt the company’s advertising business. Stories ads will give advertisers a new way of engaging their targeted audience, making use of the “swipe-up” feature. Additionally, costs for Stories ads are currently estimated to be lower compared to traditional feed placements.

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Snapchat is (finally) recovering in 2019

Daily user numbers have finally been stable for Snapchat, as reported by Snap Inc. The business has also stated a $320 million revenue for the first quarter of 2019, arguably due to an increasing focus on Snapchat Adverts. The company has recently put efforts into updating its self-serve Ads Manager with features like target cost bidding as well as bulk uploading, editing and cloning capabilities. The location targeting has also been expanded to the UK, Canada and France. The platform is specifically interesting for marketers, who wish to target and reach a younger demographic.

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Increasingly popular Twitter ads

Increasing ad engagements and decreasing cost-per-engagement have lead to a rise in Twitter’s ad revenue by 18%. As introduced earlier this year by Twitter, they will now be using a new metric called mDAU (monetisable daily active users). mDAU are users who log in to Twitter on any given day through or Twitter applications which shows adverts. While the number of DAU is still declining, the number of mDAU has been growing by 14 million to 134 million in the first quarter of 2019. With this in mind marketing through Twitter could very well be worth a look at, especially considering how the social network is continuously aiming at improving brand safety on the platform and removing spam.

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