Mayfly Insights 22/02/2019

LinkedIn’s new Interest Targeting, Page Transparency on Facebook, Google’s mobile speed score update for landing pages, Instagram and the Donation Sticker, a potential alternative to WhatsApp and Google Maps introduced the augmented reality feature.

LinkedIn’s Interest Targeting opens new possibilities for advertisers

After restructuring the campaign manager in July 2018, LinkedIn has released a new feature for advertisers. The Interest Targeting allows marketers to reach their targeted audience based on the contents they are interested in, including customer experience, social media marketing and more. Over 200 topics are available to choose from in order to engage with the right audience and early testings have apparently already shown an increase of 25% in CTR. The feature is due to be rolled out to all advertisers over the next weeks.

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Page Quality tab on Facebook pages

To make business pages more transparent and accountable, Facebook has introduced a new tab showing when certain posts or content has been removed and why. At this point the tab is only visible to Page Managers. The categories of content which will be removed have been updated in the policies and include topics like hate speech, graphic violence, harassment and bullying, regulated goods, nudity or sexual activity and support or praise of people and events that are not allowed to be on Facebook. Furthermore, posts will also be deleted when they have been rated false by a third-party fact-checker. Secondly, an update in their policy has been released and is supposed to keep spam distribution under control by disallowing duplicate pages with the same content. These steps are taken by Facebook to further improve its integrity and security, after having suffered negative press in 2018 regarding fake news distribution and privacy violations. 

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Google’s mobile speed scores update for landing pages

Google has updated the algorithm generating the speed score for landing page views making it possible to generate a result with a reduced number of ad clicks. The mobile speed score evaluates the landing page speed on a 10-point scale whereas page speed and the potential conversion rate are two factors used to determine the final score. As slow landing pages often frustrate users and send them away from your page, it is essential to improve the speed and not miss out on potential conversions. Mobile-specific technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can help improve mobile speed scores, Google’s Speed Scorecard is another useful tool that allows you to compare your site speed with competitors.

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Instagram and the donation sticker

After Facebook introduced the donation function in 2015, Instagram might be introducing a similar feature. A donation sticker has been spotted by app-expert Jane Manchun Wong in a beta version of the app. If the concept gets approved, Instagram users might be able to support their favourite non-profit organisations in their Stories.

The WhatsApp alternative – COI

COI short for Chat Over IMAP could change the messenger world (again). A chat protocol that is free, open, easy and safe is promised by Open-XChange and supposed to run via the IMAP-server, currently the infrastructure for global email traffic. Unlike WhatsApp or other messenger services, it would not need developers to build or maintain a server and could connect anyone with an email address – which would mean about 3.8 billion users up to date. The idea is to have the user notice as little as possible of the programme running via the IMAP server but having an app surface instead. The key, however, is that data is not being collected and stored in a locked system, and that users can change their provider while still using COI – just like email.


COI would first start by connecting to an IMAP server and checking the compatibility for the connection and an email address to communicate with someone. If the other person has a COI client app, then the chat will be started in the messenger application whereas, if the recipient does not have a COI client app, the message would be received as an email. The picture below displays how a potential COI client app could look like – and might potentially pose a threat to WhatsApp.


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Google Maps introduces the augmented reality feature

The new feature of Google Maps has gone live for a small number of users earlier this month. The AR Visual Positioning System available through Maps mobile app provides navigation via a layer of augmented reality and will let you actually see through your phones camera, providing arrows as to where you need to go. Although it is not meant to be the primary navigation tool, it is considered useful for finding hidden streets or navigate at complicated intersections. Google has further announced that the system will be made available for everyone, once it has proven satisfactory in its function and ready to be rolled out.

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