Mayfly Insights 28/09/2018

Snapchat and Amazon become partners, rumours about new Instagram features, Subway uses AI and what is Voice Search Optimisation?

Rumours about new Instagram features

Rumours about new Instagram are currently circulating through the web. After releasing the shoppable Stories last week, Instagram is apparently further expanding its features. This includes a hashtag selector tool, video tagging and geo-fenced posts. The latter would be particularly interesting for businesses that are aiming to promote their products and services through organic posts within certain geographic locations. The posts could then be adapted for the chosen location, similar to what is already available for adverts on Instagram.

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Snapchat and Amazon become partners

Last week we were talking about the new shopping features on Instagram and, as is usually the case in a fast-paced environment like the digital marketing industry, new players have become aware of the e-commerce potential and have followed suit. Hence, Snapchat has announced its partnership with Amazon this week, which creates a direct link from the social network to the online shop. Snapchat’s ‘Visual Discovery Tool’, allows users to take a picture of a product or barcode and then, through a pop up on the camera screen, find the right product in the Amazon shop where a purchase can be made with a minimal number of clicks. It is unclear as to when the feature will become widely available and if Snapchat will be taking a portion of the Amazon sales revenue generated by the app.

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Subway drives store visits by using artificial intelligence

By using artificial intelligence (AI) for their advertising, the sandwich chain Subway has managed to boost store traffic by 31% and reduce campaign waste by 53%. Working together with IBM Watson Advertising, a real-time signal-based targeting has been developed to create adverts for promotions based on weather patterns. The new capability, called WEATHERfx Footfall with Watson, enabled the sandwich chain to display suitable digital advertising for their hot sandwiches in cold weather conditions and vice versa. This example shows how AI technology can assist marketing strategies in cases of unpredictable events (such as weather changes) that affects customer behaviour.

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Voice Search Optimisation – how is it different to SEO?

Whether it is Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana or Samsung’s Bixby, the digital assistant is on the rise with millions of customers using them on a daily basis. Although, the classic Google search page is not defunct yet (and probably won’t be anytime soon) the impact for marketers and digital marketing strategies will become more apparent with the growth in voice search. The language used for voice searches is far more natural compared to those used in traditional search engine queries. Expect long-tail keywords to be much more prevalent and will be increasingly important for smaller businesses who want to appear in the search results for consumers with specific search requests. The potential of ‘Near me’ searches will also be transferred from the known search engine to voice search, most often found in combination with “to buy” or “where can I buy”.

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