Mayfly Insights 05/06/2019

TikTok announces its first smartphone, Airbnb expands into Heritage Travel, Google makes mobile-first indexing the default, LinkedIn company pages start showing Ad history and Instagram launches @shop account.

TikTok announces a smartphone

ByteDance, the tech company behind the extremely successful video app TikTok has announced that they will take a leap into the mobile device market by creating their own bespoke smartphone. After about one billion people have downloaded the TikTok app, ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming has announced the smartphone, including preloaded software such as TikTok and the company’s other successful apps (like News Republic). This new development goes in line with the latest acquisition of ByteDance earlier this year, when the company bought the phone company Smartisan. Aiming at TikToks young audience the new smartphone will presumably be focusing on a competitive camera array and might be cheaper than the currently available models.

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Airbnb expands into Heritage Travel

To make Heritage Travel easy, Airbnb has teamed up with 23andMe. 23andMe is a personal genome service website, offering customers a test kit to review their DNA and find out about their heritage. Once a customer on 23andMe has received their report, they will be able to directly book their heritage holidays through Airbnb with the aim to explore their heritage. The main reasons for this cooperation are stated by Airbnb founder Joe Gebbia as the aim of creating an authentic travel experience and helping people to find their ancestry by planning a trip as unique as their DNA. Airbnb figures indicate that Heritage Travel is on the rise, with 500% increase in travellers using the platform to trace their roots since 2014. Nevertheless, this cooperation is not only for travelling into foreign countries, but also invites people to book Experiences via Airbnb in their home town, which relate to their heritage.

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Google makes mobile-first indexing the default

Google has announced that mobile-first indexing will be the default for all new web domains as of July 1, 2019. This essentially means, that when a new website is registered, it will be crawled by Google’s smartphone Googlebot. Further, the mobile-friendly content will be used to index the pages and show in the Google search results. The aim is to help Google users, who have been predominantly searching on their mobile phones since 2015, to find better results. After Google started boosting the rank of mobile friendly pages a few years ago, this is the next step towards a less desktop focused search experience.

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LinkedIn company pages start showing Ad history

Users on LinkedIn will soon be able to see all ads a company has run within the past 6 months. Aiming to create a more transparent and trustworthy environment, LinkedIn has launched the Ads tab on LinkedIn Pages. Members will not only be able to see the ad but also click on the ads, however, advertisers will not be charged for those clicks and engagements resulting from the Ads tab. Next to the new Ad tab, LinkedIn has also introduced new ad settings for every member to control the ads they see on the platform. The new feature will be rolled out over the next few weeks globally.

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Instagram launches @shop account

Instagram has recently launched a new @shop account managed by an internal Instagram team. The account curates shoppable posts from across the app, featuring 100% community driven trends in shopping. The platform states that the account will be a real-time indicator of what is new and emerging on Instagram. With this new e-commerce initiative, Instagram is further establishing itself as a new shopping channel, expanding the reach of brands and giving them a small boost for their commercial efforts. With only 26 posts, the account has already more than 77k followers and will certainly continue to grow.

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