Mayfly Insights 24/12/2018

Trends and Challenges – what can digital marketers expect in 2019?

TripAdvisor as a Social Network

TripAdvisor has announced to reposition itself as a social network rather than a booking and review site during 2019. The website will be introducing a new design at the beginning of the year where users can create their own profiles, publish photos and videos on their feeds and will be able to follow influencers and brands on TripAdvisor. The new design is currently available in beta and TripAdvisor is aspiring to become the most personalised and best connected travel platform helping its users to discover more relevant information faster.

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Amazon Advertising

Targeting customers where they buy is presumably the biggest advantage of Amazon advertising, which is predicted to gain significant shares from Google’s and Facebook’s advertising power. The Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are essentially pay-per-click ads based on keywords and product targeting to drive traffic to a specific product detail page within Amazon. Through Sponsored Ads the platform enables marketers with great retargeting and very specific targeting options based on customer data as well as the platform promises marketers access to customers when they are ready to buy or looking for a very specific product, matching the advertisers criteria.

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Shopping on Social Media

As we have previously introduced in our Mayfly Insights, various social media channels are improving their shopping potential. Instagram is introducing one shopping feature after another, including for example shoppable posts, where users can see items tagged in the posts pictures and follow the link through to the company’s website. Followed by shoppable stories, shopping on videos and shopping collections. All these features are designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to get to the final product on the business website and ultimately convert into a customer. These developments have been massively supported by the surge in influencer marketing and paid advertising across all social media channels and are highly likely to evolve further in 2019.

Voice Search

With the growth in smart speakers and improving artificial intelligence technologies, voice search is definitely becoming more important in 2019. For marketers this raises the question of how websites and search engines can be optimised to appear in the voice searches of their customers. The most important aspect in voice search is the language used, including for example more long-tail keywords which are essential for smaller businesses who want to appear in the search results of consumers with very specific search requests. Furthermore the potential of “Near me” searches should not be underestimated.

Brand Identification

A trend predicted to dominate content marketing in 2019 is brand identification. It becomes increasingly important for businesses to create a brand and product that consumer can identify with. Especially for the younger generations, which are growing in buying power, the identification with a brand is essential. First attempts in creating for example a sustainable business image has already been made by Iceland and their recent Christmas advert in collaboration with Greenpeace, which was banned for its strong political aspects.

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B2B Marketing Improvements on Social Media

With improvements to their campaign manager earlier this year, LinkedIn has taken another steps towards enabling users and marketers in using the platform for successful B2B marketing. For 2019 the platform is predicted to improve their campaign manager even further, making campaigns more transparent and measurable. Though this not only for marketers but also users could benefit in finding the right business contacts for their needs.

Stories and Video predicted to dominate

Stories have been the new concept of 2018, as images or short videos that appear on your social media feed and disappear after 24 hours. In 2019 this is predicted to become the dominant way of showing content on social media feeds, with big networks like Facebook predicting to prioritise story content over feed content. For advertisers this means a new adaption of content to make it “Story worthy”. One of the aspects why Stories have been taken on so well by social media users could be for example the spontaneity¬† leading to less worrying about having to create the perfect picture. In any way, 2019 will surely improve the existing capabilities for users and marketers in terms of short videos and Story images.