Measuring the Success of Blog Promotion

Promoting an article is almost always a daunting task. But it’s made much easier when the subject of that post is something people find genuinely exciting – like artistic companies making milestones. That’s why the 10 Year anniversary for our clients Glacial Art was such a fantastic opportunity to flex those promotional muscles.

If you haven’t heard of them, Glacial Art Ice Sculptors are some of the best-known ice sculptors in the UK. They’ve worked with Cannes Film Festival, carved at festivals in Kuwait, and in the last few years worked with Game of Thrones. In fact, it’s this last set of work that seems to get them the most recognition; beyond their work at weddings, corporate events and festivals, they are now probably best known as the Game of Thrones ice sculptors who made the breathtaking ice henge in season four episode four.


Content Marketing

The blog post itself took some time to assemble, from the initial questions which were sent to the team, to forming an article. We wanted to present a highlight of some of the best and most impressive pieces they’ve done over the years, which was harder than you might think given the magnitude of their work! Once the article was ready we got thinking about the difficult work – getting it seen and picked up by other outlets.

We made a list compiling contacts and email addresses for a number of Liverpool interest blogs, art blogs, culture blogs and papers. Some were ambitious – we didn’t hear back from The Guardian, unfortunately – while some were simple blogs. The vast majority of contacts didn’t reply at all, but the  ones who did were very interested in the story.

The day of the blog launch, posted a Featured Artist piece about the company, including a link back to the original blog. The next day Your Move Magazine published a rewrite of the blog on their website, yet again with a lovely link back to the Glacial Art site. The article was also included in their Newsletter!



On Thursday, three days from the blog’s release, our pestering of Independent Liverpool finally paid off, and they republished the article on their blog. This was a huge get for us because of how insanely popular Independent Liverpool are – 18,000 active cardholders and 67,000 Facebook Likes could go really well for us (more on that later).


We waited a few more days, and then had another big coup – the Liverpool Echo ran the story! Although we had been in contact with the Echo about the story, we didn’t have any firm confirmation that they would run it until it actually appeared on Saturday. They rewrote the piece, focussing on the Game of Thrones angle but mysteriously placing it in the Angelina Jolie category (the post mentions one of the sculptors’ work with her for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow).


As a bonus, we had some additional press from County Brides who have worked with Glacial Art previously. They wrote their own version of the blog post with an emphasis on the company’s wedding work, of which they have a huge amount of experience!



Social Media

On Glacial Art’s own Facebook, the article link received 69 likes (as of one week later), 13 shares and 11 comments. Art in Liverpool’s Facebook post got 8 likes and 1 share, and their Twitter post 2 retweets and 7 likes – this is about average for this site. Liverpool Echo’s contribution to Twitter on Saturday also garnered 12 retweets and 12 likes.

But the biggest social media success most certainly came from Independent Liverpool.

Facebook shares of the Independent Liverpool post received 8 comments, 31 shares and 217 (!!) reactions – that’s 203 Likes, 5 Loves ands 9 of these bad boys: wow

Retweets came from a number of unexpected sources as well – Armate Art works, Cannes Film Festival, Kazimier and even Silverberg Opticians! It seemed that lots of people found the story of this team interesting.


Email Marketing

We also sent out an email to Glacial Art’s fans, telling them all about the article. According to MailChimp, an average open-rate for Art and Artists  is 27.23%, with a 2.88% click rate. Our email actually had 29.74% open rate and 17% click rate, so we’re pretty pleased with that.



On the day of the blog’s initial release, the website had an increase of visitors up to 215% compared to the previous week. It dropped a little each day until Wednesday the 10th, and then another small rise on the 11th. The week had, on average, a little over 100% more visits than the previous week.

Over the course of the week referrals stayed roughly equal – we had some from Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, many from Independent Liverpool and some from Art In Liverpool and Your Move. That week just over 30% of the website’s traffic went directly to the blog post’s link.


This was a really interesting story from a great company – and that’s always going to make the task of promotion easier. But everything from the formation of the article, to the images used and more was done by us – all in house – and we’re always happy to take on another challenge.