The New Facebook Image Guide

Have you noticed a change on Facebook’s business pages lately?

It feels like the rules are being changed all the time – and this change is a particularly hard hit for those companies who’ve designed these snazzy profile picture/header image combos.

Looks good, right? Not any more unfortunately.

But it does mean an end to the profile picture blocking part of the header image.

For a lot of brands this is a great opportunity to try something new – now that you don’t have inconvenient buttons in front of the header photo, you can more fully take advantage of the space available. Not everything will need to be focussed on the middle and right now either, which means we can start getting more creative with our brand pages.

Here you can see the last cover/profile image we had for a client. The writing had to be positioned to the side to work around the profile picture, which meant having to create a new image from scratch. Now that the profile picture has moved, we can use the true cover photo from the website!

Header Images

Have sizes changed?

Right now, no. The best header dimensions are still 851 x 315 pixels, which means you don’t need to rush out and change anything. Mobile safe areas are the middle 563 x 315 px, so be aware of that when making your plans.

If you want a really good quality header image, double the initial canvas size to 1702 x 630, and don’t worry, Facebook will automatically resize it.

Barnes & Woodhouse’s new cover image looks great – but we have the slight issue of the mobile safe area. This is what it looks like with the second image:


No good at all!

So we’ll need to shrink the banner down again. With some fiddling, it ends up looking like this:



Much better!

Profile Pictures

Always square, these should be uploaded in at least 180 x 180 pixels, although it’ll be resized to 160 x 160. On the Newsfeed, profile pictures appear as 90 x 90 pixels, and on mobile may be even smaller.

Focussing on just an image or logo for the profile picture, instead of worrying about getting the name of the Page on there, is very likely the way forward.


Photo Albums

Your photo album cover photos show up in 175 x 175 pixels, but previews within the album are 201 x 201 px. Keep that in mind when you’re changing up your album cover photos!


Ad Images

The variety in Facebook’s advert types has exploded lately, and there are now eleven different methods to choose from.

Seven of these recommend an image size of 1200 x 628, but the rest all differ. Here they are:


Clicks to Website – 1200 x 628 px

Website Conversions – 1200 x 628 px

Page Post Engagement – 1200 x 900 px

Page Likes – 1200 x 444 px

App Installs – 1200 x 628 px

App Engagement – 1200 x 628 px

Local Awareness – 1200 x 628 px

Event Responses – 1200 x 444 px

Offer Claims – 1200 x 628 px

Video Views – 1200 x 675 px

Lead Generation – 1200 x 628 px


Although of course, there is another variation – carousel ads, which are done in squares. These images need to be 600 x 600, and not a pixel less!