Shoppable Posts Come To Instagram

You can now sell products through Instagram

After trialling the program in the US last year, the social media company has rolled out its new shopping feature to eight more locations around the world, the UK being one of them.

Before the release of this feature, businesses on Instagram could only feature one URL on their Instagram profile by linking it in their bio. This meant that if a user’s eye was caught by a particular product on their feed, they would have to click through to the business’ profile and then find the URL in the bio to take them to their website. A time consuming experience not only for the customer, but also for the business who would have have to constantly update the bio to reflect the most up-to-date post.

The reasoning behind this was that Instagram could keep the user within their app, rather than let them navigate away to a browser. However, with the new shopping system in place, it would seem that they’ve found a solution to this problem.

Here’s an example of the typical path that an Instagram user would take from their feed to the purchasing decision:

Shoppable posts can be spotted by the tote bag icon. Although this might seem a little obtrusive for those users who aren’t there to shop, this box does fade away after a few seconds if you don’t tap on the screen.

Tapping on the icon reveals a pop-up featuring the name of any tagged items and their price. This information is linked up to your Facebook Shop account, so any changes made on there will automatically update to your posts. You can tag up to 5 products in a single photo or 20 in a carousel.

Tapping the pop-up will take the user through to a product page on Instagram. The app pulls in photos and information from your Facebook Shop to show the shopper an image of the product by itself along with a short description, the price and a ‘Shop Now’ button.

If the user chooses to click through then a browser will pop up within the app taking the shopper directly to the relevant product page on your site. From there they can continue shopping, view their basket or make their purchase.

Over 500 million people are active on Instagram on a daily basis, a number that grows with each passing day. If you sell products online then it’s worth considering Instagram as a platform to drive sales through. You’ll need to be approved for shopping on Instagram first which involves connecting your Facebook catalogue with your Instagram profile, once that’s done you can then start tagging your photos.

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