• Is your website underperforming?
  • Do you still have unexplored areas of paid advertising?
  • Does your current marketing strategy have value?
  • Does your marketing team need a second opinion?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we are at your assistance!

Our internet marketing team, on top of taking care of a number of clients, can also help your team of in-house staff to perfect their marketing strategy.

Having a fresh set of eyes looking over your work can be invaluable in raising important issues and helping you to optimise your marketing efforts to the best possible level. Additionally we may be specialised in areas that your team are not – in which case, an afternoon visit from one of our staff may open up new avenues for marketing your business, such as through social media or PPC.

Maybe you have a traditional marketing team; we can come in to teach them how to extend their current plan to the web and use their skills for valuable promotion of your company. This may include reviewing their current strategy, auditing the website for optimisation and avoiding over-optimisation, as well as checking your site analytics. We’ll also have a look at any paid adverts you’re running to make sure they’re as good as can be, check out your social media strategy and ensure that Google hasn’t penalised your site for any reason.

We make sure that all of our marketing clients understand the work that we are doing and why we’re doing it – transparency in the relationship between business owner and marketer is incredibly important. With this transparency we have been able to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we would take the same approach as you; no hidden data, no secrets.

We like to look at all companies with a “big picture” approach, and add genuine value to your business now and into the future. Any work that’s already been done for you will only give us more material to work with! We’ll come up with the ideas, show you how to execute them and help you to put them into practice. What’s more, we won’t bombard you with complicated spreadsheets and vague technical talk, but instead offer a solution to your internet marketing problems with as much or little support as you need.

If you’d like a phone consultation to see if we could help your business, give us a call now!