Email Marketing

Reaching your audience through email marketing can be an amazingly effective endeavour, but must be approached carefully. Good email marketing comes from a combination of excellent copywriting, hosting valuable content on your website and social media, and judging the right time of day to contact your audience.

We can help you to build a list of email contacts, and design complete campaigns for targeting specific groups. Tone of voice and branding are of the utmost importance when contacting people directly in their inbox, and a lot of emphasis needs to go on ensuring the email doesn’t seem spammy, which could lose you potential customers.

We are happy to write, design and send one-off emailers on your behalf in the style of your company, or you can join a number of our clients in trusting us to produce regular mailers as part of a targeted marketing campaign. We always try to bear the voice of the business in mind and offer value to the customer.

We can use email marketing to raise awareness of your brand, promote special offers and competitions, remarket to potential and existing customers and much more. With analysis and a strong campaign, an email marketing campaign can lead to better engagement and sales.  We can also use email to remarket to previous customers.

Many business owners find the idea of email marketing intimidating, but by bearing a few points in mind we can make it a manageable endeavour. We may need to ask some questions about your business, with which we can go on to craft a newsletter that accurately reflects your brand, is tested repeatedly and goes out from a trusted email provider.