Search Engine Optimisation is at the heart of everything we do, and its influence reaches into our email marketing, social media management and paid advertising. By approaching your marketing strategy from a strong basis of SEO knowledge we can ensure that every element of your campaign is cohesive, logical and on-brand.

A strong SEO strategy can reduce costs, increase the efficiency and usability of your website, and help to secure a return on your investment.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, and comes in two main forms: onsite and offsite. Both of these elements need to be planned together in order for them to work most effectively. Although different tactics may be used for Local and National search results, the ideal result is to be seen higher on the Search Engine Results Page for keywords related to your industry or company. While it is good to be seen under a branded search – ie your company’s name – it is also important to be displayed when searchers don’t know who in particular they are looking for.

We are able to complete audits of your website, optimise your content and website elements for increased visibility offsite, and provide you with analysis of your competitors. Away from your website we will work on promotion, secure you safe and secure backlinks, and get your site seen on local listing sites.


National SEO has been common practice for some years now, and businesses which don’t participate may find they are not reaching their potential.

We would start the process by analysing traffic flow on your website when compared to your competitors; we’d talk to you about what your most popular or under-represented products or services are, and then use tools to judge which are the most achievable and which will be the most beneficial. Targeting keywords with high competition will cost more money, but may be more valuable.

Our job is to get visitors to your website. We won’t make wild promises to get you a #1 position for your search term, but we will make sure that your website result is more visible and draws in more custom than it currently does.


Local search is increasingly important, especially when representing brick-and-mortar shops. Businesses such as doctors, plumbers and electricians, which are based in a specific area, won’t do well with only a national search; appearing for “call-out electrician” for example is useless in National results, but incredibly helpful in Local.

By editing certain elements on your website, submitting it to some listing sites and making adjustments in your outreach, we can make your website visible when searching for your product/business in a specific area.

A big part of our SEO efforts will be in finding the best keywords for your company, but we can also offer the services of our in-house content writer to make sure the text on your website isn’t holding you back. If you think it might be suitable we can even arrange for a regular blog to be written on your site, attracting more visitors and proving to the search engines that you have new and relevant content.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your website to appear more frequently in search results, simply drop us an email or give us a call! Our city centre office is also available for visits.