Social Media Marketing

Social media management has become more important than ever, and is now a vital tool in the kit of any business.

Where ten years ago only youth-oriented businesses might have gone into social media, it’s now seen as a necessity by many potential consumers. The presence of social media accounts not only makes your company look more legitimate but also allows you to interact with current and potential customers in a more valuable way.

We would begin by assessing any social media accounts that you do have, ensuring that all information is filled out correctly and with thought to your keywords and audience. We can then help you in sharing more content, engaging visitors and responding to complaints in an appropriate way which will strengthen your brand’s capital. It’s always important to maintain a balance between self-promotion and sharing content your followers will enjoy; social media users are wise to marketing tactics and will often reject companies which are known to overly promote themselves.

As well as creating branded artwork for your profiles, organising a schedule of content and increasing growth in followers and fans, we can also talk to customers in the voice of your company and produce tailored adverts that will get the highest return on investment.


Facebook is at the forefront of social marketing for businesses, as it has such a wide scope of visitors.  As well as supplying information and posting regular updates, Facebook offers excellent click-through-rates for its advertising service, and a comprehensive analytical overview, allowing you to see exactly where your money is going. The vast majority of businesses should be on Facebook.

Sourcing new leads can be a difficult process. If you need a boost in your lead generation efforts then leveraging Facebook could be an option to consider. We can streamline the process and have new leads sent to you automatically with the desired information your company wants to collect.

Facebook advertising offers intelligent remarketing techniques which allow you to re-engage with past customers. This feature allows valuable audiences to be created by using client data to turn cold, redundant leads into loyal and engaged customers.

Utilising Facebook’s fine-tuning capabilities is a smart and effective method of reaching consumers most valuable to your business.


As well as paid ads on Twitter, there are other opportunities for the right kind of business to be seen. Twitter is often seen as the best way to get in touch with a brand – especially when making a complaint – as everything is open for all to see. This means that maintaining your Twitter account, promptly replying to messages and comments, and offering valuable content is important.


Instagram, as a platform, is generally quite resistant to marketing – it’s not always possible to use tactics that would work on other social media platforms. It is also only suitable for specific types of business, particularly those which are visually based, but when a campaign is managed effectively the results can be fantastic.  We can discuss whether Instagram is right for your business.


Another visual social media platform, Pinterest tends to have a slightly older and more female-leaning user base, making it ideal for companies such as holiday homes and fashion industries. We can advise you on whether this platform is worth your time, and then help you in best practices to ensure a steady rate of views. Pinterest lends itself particularly well to aspirational marketing.


For a very different kind of business than those who would go for Instagram, LinkedIn is really for reaching out to professionals. Having a complete business profile for your company is valuable when appealing to busy professionals, and while LinkedIn paid adverts tend to have a higher click-through-rate, their clicks may be more valuable than cheaper platforms.


Videos are more popular online than ever – in fact, increasing research shows that people engage much more actively with video than the written word.  Since its acquisition by Google, YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world and YouTube marketing has become even more important, as its influences goes beyond the website itself and into search results. We can also incorporate PPC remarketing to viewers of your video.

If you’d like us to have a look at your current social media strategy or discuss which platforms suit your company, give us a call or contact us using the form below